the father and a guest
the mother and the child
the father

Cameroon as a country is made up of several cultures and traditions. Each culture has its own ways of living. Many good happenings are being celebrated. Let’s talk about Child naming ceremony in Bayange land.
Bayange people are located in the Manuy Division (Chief town, Mamfe), Southwest region of Cameroon. The particularity of these people is the respect of their tradition. To respect and promote the Bayange culture inside or outside is the priority of Banyange people.
I attended a Bayange ceremony which was organized in order to name a new born baby.
When a child is put to birth, he is not named until a naming ceremony is organized. This could be four (4) or seven (7) days after the child’s birth.
The Bayange tradition stipulates that the father during the ceremony would paint his face in white, and visitors would also have white around their faces; except the mother who is exempted to paint her face since she is the one who gave birth.
Nevertheless, colonization did not affect all our traditions; some cultures nowadays are still attached to their traditions which are parts of their living.