Koki at the primary state
Koki at the primary state
the wrapping process
the wrapping process
stir the koki before wrapping
the koki at the final state
miam miam!! Bon Appetit!!



The     Bamileke land is located the West region of Cameroon. This region is made up of eight (8) divisions; but seven (7) of them are bamileke’s clan. Though the dialects are quite different across the tribe, traditions and gastronomy are the same. Koki for instance is one the most consumed meal in the land. The meal has always been cooked during great traditional events and also during family gatherings. The preparation of Koki varies from one region to the other in Cameroon, but there is a typical and easy way to proceed in the Bamileke land:

• 10 people
• 1 kg of koki beans
• ½ bottle of red palm oil
• ½ bottle of water
• 5 or 6 pepper
• 5 banana leafs and roots
• 1 tablespoon of salt.
• Any tubercle of your choice (coco-yams, plantains, bananas, etc…)
• Wash the koki beans to be totally peal, put it in a clean dish, add the pepper and ground it
• Warm the leafs in the sun or in the fire.
• Clean either your banana or any and slice it.
• Take a new small pot and hot the oil in but not bliss
• After that, pour the oil in the Koki and stir it for some seconds
• Hot the water and pour it too in thee Koki
• Stir it for 5 minutes, because as you are stirring it, it is rising
• Take a big plate and put one leaf in and put two or three dish spoon of Koki and wrap with the root and stand it in a new pot
• When finish, stand the pot in the fire with a small cup of water in it.
• After fifteen minutes, add two liters of water
• if the pot is having a space, you may add the banana or any on top of the pot to done at the same time with koki after 1h.30 min.
• If the water evaporated, remove the pot.
Duration of the cooking: 2 hours
Extra information
• Not vegetarian
• Not spicy
Bonne Appetit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!