Cameroon-Bird flu: About Fcfa 66 billion of looses

poule-home To believe the experts, the return of bird flu is a big threat to Cameroon. Some are already talking of crisis, though we are still at the preliminary phase of this tragedy.

Official sources report that 15,000 chickens over 33,000 at the Mvog-Beti poultry farm, Yaoundé were decimated by disease, and for precaution, the rest was simply incinerated. The ‘’EcoMatin’’ newspaper of Monday, May 30, 2016, proceeded to that effect to a quick calculation. About 33,000 chickens killed, the estimated cost of losses is about FCFA 66 billion, at FCFA 2 000 per chicken. These losses affect the country especially since Cameroon is a major producer of chicken. Moreover, adds the newspaper, the Interprofessional Poultry of Cameroon (IPAVIC) estimated production in Cameroon to over 50 million broilers. if these animals were affected by the scourge, looses could have been estimated around 800 million FCFA per month.130701153780_img_7003

This will certainly dive several players in this sector into a real financial lethargy. Not to mention the case of maize producers, excelling in marketing provender: « We won’t longer have any customer since the bird flu will stop the trade of poultry in Cameroon, » says a trader. This situation will help lead to disorders in the course of consumption, since chicken is among the most consumed foods in Cameroon.
« We need the state to take a lot of back and analyze the situation carefully, » says an expert.


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