Cameroon – Smuggling: Despite the prohibitions of the Governor, the sale of adulterated fuel resurfaced in the Northwest

Adulerated fuel exposition
Adulterated fuel exposition

Despite the warnings of the Governor, the activity is rising in the Chief town of the region.
A radio communiqué of the Governor of the Northwest Region Adolph Lele Lafrique, broadcast nearly two weeks on the waves of the regional station CRTV Bamenda, warns all those who in one way or another make use of adulterated fuel. This is because the sellers of this fuel took to the sidewalks of the city capital of the region and its surroundings, said the daily Newspaper ‘’Le Messager’’, of Thursday, June 2, 2016.
According to the newspaper, some sellers of this poor quality fuel have even installed next to or in front of conventional stations. Their clients are mostly among motorcycle taxi drivers, taxi drivers and even cars ‘owners.


As it appears, « this fuel is cheaper compared to the Super sold in petrol stations, » said one of the sellers of this flammable liquid. This is confirmed by an owner of a vehicle: « I buy a liter of that fuel at FCFA 550 instead of FCFA 659. In addition, it burns slower than those of our conventional petrol stations ».

However, the Governor  does not intend to stand idly by at this situation which is becoming more momentum.
Also, in his statement, he invites the public of the region to denounce this illegal activity to the regional office of Water and Energy. If the time is still in awareness of these operators of adulterated fuel sector, they continue to make resistance.
Pending any penalties that may fall very soon, it is the conventional service stations who pay the price of this smuggling.



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