Acpnucording to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more people die each year from pneumonia than from automobile accidents.
Pneumonia is a serious lung infection that affects people of all ages but is particularly dangerous for older persons of 60* and young children. It is an infection of the lungs caused by a bacterium streptococcus pneumoniae while the bacterial is pneumoccocus . After the germ reaches the lungs, it becomes inflamed and filled up with fluid. This explains the difficulties in breathing where enough oxygen does not enter the bloodstream. Thus, it directly interferes with the body’s ability to exchange carbon dioxide and oxygen.
People with pneumonia will often complain of cough, fever, shaking chills and shortness of breath, which may occur when climbing steps.
The disease can be gotten in your daily life such as at school or work, this is known as community-associated pneumonia which is the most common where the disease is gotten by breathing infected air droplets from an infected person. Another could develop from hospitals-healthcare associated pneumonia, where due to the unwellness of your body, you become versatile to contact the disease from sick persons. Having diseases like asthma, heart disease, cancer or diabetes also makes you more likely to get
However, according to the World Health Organization’s report of 2014, the disease has already caused the death of about seven million people around the world. WHO estimates that more than 160 million children around the world develop pneumonia each year,20 million of whom are hospitalized and 2 million of whom die.
Pneumonia is mostly frequent in dry areas, sub-Saharan zone. This is why; a seminar was organized recently in Yaoundé, Cameroon – 7th edition of the African pneumologists conference where experts shared their experience in eradicating the respiratory system and advised each patient must consult the pneumologist instead of native doctors.

An interview with Doctor MBATCHOU HUGO, the Deputy Secretary General of the Cameroonian Pneumologist union and a Pneumologist at the General Hospital – Douala, pneumonia kills faster than AIDS, and it destroys the individual’s respiratory system. He adds that the disease might be contracted by smoking and also by leaving in smelling or cold area which affects the lungs.
With all this in mind, it is important to know that the disease in question can be prevented by vaccinating children, Breastfeeding during the first six months is critical in preventing the disease because breast milk contains a nourishing supply of nutrients, antioxidants, hormones and antibodies a child needs for growth and development.
Practicing good hygiene and health habits also prevents the disease. Thorough and frequent hand cleaning, coughing or sneezing in to an elbow instead of hands, receive proper nutrition, getting adequate rest are all things you and your children can do to ward off the bacteria and viruses that cause pneumonia.