imageThe great and talented cameroonian artist Blaise B, also called ‘’ Eposi Master’’ has done another bountiful job. After the ravage occurred by the wonderful tracks ‘’Eposi’’ and ‘’I must to marry you’’, Blaise Bsing has decided to send this time another trillion dollars hit over the country.
Finally, the long and awaited CLANDO video is out.
This, saw the mighty collaboration of other ‘’Guru’’ artists like Mr. Leo and Salatiel. These brilliant artists joined together can only make amazing things.

Cependant, cette vidéo a été tournée par l’incontestable Dr Stephen Nkeng et présente le caractère ‘’volage’’ dont font preuve de nos jours la plupart des jeunes filles.
Vu la qualité du vidéogramme et du message véhiculé, nous ne pouvons que souhaiter une bonne route a ‘’CLANDO’’.