Epie Ntoko ‘s Case: Mr Alenne Menget Gives His Report After Investigating On The Issue!! 

The Epie  » story » has been hitting across the national territory for past few days now. Epie Ntoko is actually the most popular youth in Cameroon after video taping a naked girl.Several opinions were raised in order to understand what actually happened. Mr Alenne Menget after investigating on the issue brings out this report.

<<The Epie Ntoko, « the girl »and Collins Nkang saga, the way it is. FACTS.HOW IT STARTED.
It’s not a today’s story. Rumors filtered at the Kumba police station early November 2016 that a certain Epie had taken a video forcing « the girl » to naked herself. On the 3rd of November, the police arrested Epie and investigations started.( its not Kelly who reported to police). During investigations,Epie’s phone was seized and he dropped into the cell while Kelly was invited to give her statement too. Unfortunately for the police, Epie had deleted the video but pictures of naked girls where found in his phone. Meanwhile, « the girl » had given her statement confirming that Epie had forced her to naked herself while he took a video. The matter continued.


 » The girl » lives with her uncle Mr Esape at Mbonge road Kumba. It’s registered that Mr Esape of Soweda and Collin’s guardian in Kumba happened to be friends.Not withstanding, a negotiation was done out of the police station that 100.000 was give to Kelly for compensation. To the surprise of the Police it was « the girl » who came on the 7th of November with a letter of withdrawal of the matter. She claimed that any further matter was going to expose her more. Kelly was the one bringing bread and drinks to Epie in the cell. The Police agreed to give Epie a FREE BAIL on condition that somebody appeared to bail him. It is Mr Ntoko Richard a retire nurse, biological father of Epie from Nyasoso who appeared for the bail. The bail stated that both parties where till to be appearing before the police on appointments, but they never came back with claims that they had negotiated. ( I have read Kelly’s withdrawal letter myself).​


Epie before deleting the video from his phone had given a copy to his friend Collins Nkang. Collins Nkang started making advances on Kelly recently and calling her to come visit him in the night. With the girl’s disapproval, Collins put the video on the social media. Collins Nkang has been arrested and is behind bars. An arrest warrant on a search for Epie too has been established.The police and the legal department of Kumba are doing a man hunt in search of Epie.


Epie may not be in Dubia. It might be a divert. Epie is the guy in the picture on Facebook. The picture you see him in a plane is for Mali, he went there some time ago to do a DNA test to meet his mother in Europe if proven to be her biological son. I don’t know yet why that test was chosen to be done in Mali. Epie has never been to Dubia. He could just be next to you.

NB All these facts are taken from defined authorities and the people involved in this matter one way or the other.>>

Source: Mr Alenne Menget


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